Farouq (Released)

After AHC received a report by a student at Mahallah Farouq, Farouq was brought to the vet by the AHC members, in March 2019. He was diagnosed with aural hematoma (lump at ear area). AHC member brought him to Klinik Veterinar Maya, and he was warded for a few days for surgery, but the surgery was cancelled because the lump burst due to his scratching of the ear. He was prescribed with medications after that and need to be monitored for a month. While in the members’ care, he suddenly had a fever and some other problems. He was brought to Heshmael’s Clinic for Pets in Damansara for further check up. His vet bill was sponsored by one generous woman. He is currently under the care of AHC members and still on medication.



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