Keeperku Programme ?

On May 21st, 2022, a programme was held at Zoo Negara Malaysia as a collaboration between AHC IIUM, AHC Kuantan Chapter, and DSU IIUM. Around 100 participants have joined this program, consisting of advisors, mainboards, and club members of AHC and DSU.

The main objectives of this programme are first, to educate the participants on the importance of taking good care of animals and to instill a sense of affection towards animal beings. It was also to expose the participants to how to do community service and to nurture a sense of volunteerism among participants.

This programme was held with the aim of helping the zoo community by completing the tasks given before the arrival of public visitors to the zoo. Some of the tasks given are cleaning the zoo residents’ habitat and preparing their food. All the participants had a sublime experience and we hope to have more chances like this soon. Much appreciation to Zoo Negara for the wonderful experience!

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