When Catch A Cathon 2.0 was released, Toast and Bean were adopted. They are currently with a new family, and you can follow them on Instagram (toastdanbean) to see daily updates on their current situation.


Cola was found at 3 months old when he fell from the 3rd floor of a hostel building and injured his spine. Now he has recovered but can no longer walk. He loves exploring on his own and will find someone to change his diaper when he needs it. He’s very friendly and loves making new friends. He is very active and vocal (when he wants to be). He can poop and pee on his own, but you will need to stimulate him to get all the pee out. He’s not picky with food, but it is encouraged to mix some R/C Urinary s/o in it. Other than his disability, he is a very healthy kitten and Cola is still available for adoption if someone wants to adopt him.

You can contact this number (+60198340509) if you’re interested in adopting Cola. Cola is a male cat, and he is already fully vaccinated and spayed. He is 1 year old right now.

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