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An Interview with TV AlHijrah

Our interview with TV AlHijrah emphasises how animal therapy can help relieve students’ anxiety and stress during the pandemic covid-19. Animal therapy can provide comfort, reduce pain levels, and so on.

IIUM Takwim Award 2022


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MRCB Group Visit

We were thrilled to have the MRCB Group pay us a visit today as part of their exciting
treasure hunt activity with a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)!
It was truly an honor to witness their commitment to giving back to the community while
also engaging in a fun and interactive team-building exercise.
We are grateful for the incredible generosity shown by MRCB through their recent donation which includes top-of-the-line cat equipment.

Thank you, MRCB! 🙌🗺️😺

New Date for Keeperku Programme 🐘

Good day everyone ! AHC and the Disability Services Unit IIUM are announcing the new date for the KEEPERKU programme!
The details are as below👇🏼

🗓️ 10th June 2023
🕰️ 8.30am - 12.30pm

There will be lots of fun activities and also chances in exploring a daily life of animals. See you guys there!

Urgent Crowdfunding for Milo!!!

Keeperku Programme Postponed❌

It is with deep regret that we are informing you that the Keeperku Programme,
originally to be held on 20th May 2023 will be postponed as been requested by Zoo Negara.
The new date has yet to be confirmed until further notice. If you wish to withdraw from this programme,
please fill in your details in the google form below for your refund.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

UUM Students' Visit To Our Shelter

On the 12th May 2023, a group of students and staffs from UUM visited our cat shelter.
We also managed to have a meeting with them, explaining how the mainboard members
and advisor handle a animal-focused charity club.

Here are some pictures that we had with them.
We are looking forward to working with them again and hoping to meet them soon!

Keeperku Programme 🐘

Good day everyone! AHC will be collaborating with the Disability Services Unit, IIUM to arrange a community service at Zoo Negara!

🗓️ Saturday, 20th May 2023
🕰️ 7.00am - 4.00pm
💸 RM15 fees

We highly encourage all IIUM students to participate because there will be a lot of activities and also
chances to explore the daily life of animals. See you guys there!


Wishing all followers of AHC a joyous and blessed Eid Mubarak.
We hope that you enjoy this victorious celebration with your loved ones.
May the spirit of Eid bring peace, happiness and prosperity to our society .

Special Tazkirah & Iftar

Last Thursday, Abu Hurairah Club had organised our very first event of this semester which was AHC Iftar 2023,
which took place at Colosseum KOE. Thank you to everyone that participated in our Iftar.
We are delighted to see some new faces of AHC members and subcommittees.

Volunteers for Abu Hurairah Club

For this upcoming Raya break Abu Hurairah Club is currently recruiting volunteers to help us take care of the cats around the campus✨
Waqf Time ⏳ and Wage 💰will be rewarded to volunteers.

MRCB Shelter Visit

Visit by an entourage from MRCB headed by Datuk Dell Akbar Khan,
Executive Vice-President as a preparation for their treasure hunt activity soon.

Special Tazkirah & Iftar with AHC

In this holy month of Ramadhan, Abu Hurairah Club is organising an Iftar🥘🍝

Only the earliest 50 members who filled in the google form will get their spots!!

The details are as below:
📍 Venue: Colosseum KOE
🗓️ Date/Day: 13th April 2023 (Thursday)
🕘 Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
👔 Dresscode: Smart casual shariah compliant
🚨Please bring your own prayer mat for Maghrib prayer

We Need Your Help!

The cats in IIUM are now having a really hard time.
We need you to lend your help to FEED THE CATS, FILL UP ANY AVAILABLE CAT

Have You Heard of The Dangerous Parvovirus?

Parvovirus is an incredibly scary disease that is especially concerning to kittens, unvaccinated and sick cats.
*How can it spread?* It spreads through the feces, urine and through the secretion of infected cats and their fleas

What's even scarier is that the virus can survive for months on end in
contaminated areas so it's better to prevent these as prevention is better than cure💊😼

Great Blessings During This Holy Month

Do You Know About Sporo?

'SPORO' is a disease to cats caused by fungus in soil. It usually appear on the nose and ears
area as well as other parts of body if left untreated. Since it may easily enter open skin pores,
especially through direct contact, humans can also become infected🩸

Ramadhan Kareem!

Donation From Pak Khalid

Abu Hurairah Club would like to express our gratitude to Pak Khalid, President of Kelab Kucing Malaysia (KKM),
for the generous donation of cat foods and supporting AHC as an animal charity club.
We will use this opportunity to help more starved cats in IIUM as many as possible by providing them enough food,
as well as keeping them in a good condition.

Thank you once again to Pak Khalid and we wish him a healthy and wealthy life.

Shenandoah University Visit to AHC Shelter

On 14th March, 2023, a group of students from Shenandoah University came to visit our cat shelter!
Here are some great moments we had with them. We really appreciate it and hope to see you again!


Hi Everyone, Abu Hurairah Club is now opening the recruitment for subcommittee under these bureaus below:

1. Bureau of Public Relation
2. Bureau of Entrepreneur
3. Bureau of Design & Media

The application will be closed on 17th March 2023 (Friday).

Help The Animals In Need In Turkiye

We still have not reached our target of RM2000 to save the displaced animals in Turkey. So far we have only collected RM700.
We need your help to share the poster to as many ppl as possible so that we can send the money to Turkiye asap.
Your contribution will really help the animals survive.


MAYBANK 562209656727
Persatuan Kebajikan Haiwan Abu Hurairah.
Reference: HARFTurk

All donations will be channeled to Hatyab Animal Rights Federation in Turkiye.

Help The Animals In Need In Turkiye


MAYBANK 562209656727
Persatuan Kebajikan Haiwan Abu Hurairah.
Reference: HARFTurk

All donations will be channeled to Hatyab Animal Rights Federation in Turkiye.

Our Cat Gaga is Missing!

Donation Needed

We Are Looking for Volunteers

Animal Loving Carnival 2023

An enjoyable programme was held at Setiabudi Secondary School on January 15, 2023. First and foremost, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who came out to support this event with many fun activities! Special thanks to our committees, who put in 100% effort, and all participants, who gave their best to make this programme a success!

All the participants had a wonderful experience with the cats and other cute animals.
Lastly, we hope for nothing more than your own good output and satisfaction from this event.
We would be happy to see you at another event in the future!

Gaga's Update!!!

Animal Loving Carnival

AHC IIUM will be collaborating with SM Setiabudi in organizing the Animal Lovers Carnival.
Lots of interesting and fun activities awaits such as Petting Zoo, Catwalk Competition,
Magic Show by our special guest, Haiqal Helmy and many more!!

Give Gaga A Chance to Purr Again

Ameowzing Expurrace Checkpoints

We appreciate everyone who participated and made our A-Meowzing Expurrace programme a success!
We would be happy to see you at another event in the future!

Paw-er Charity Run 2022

We want to express our big gratitude to all participants who got to spend their weekend with this event.
It is such a pleasure to see many of cat lovers sacrifice their morning to gather at the KOE parking with intention
to help animals and building a healthy life! The event was enjoyable with the participation of you guys!

Fur-riends Awareness Talk

Ameowzing Expurrace

Landslide Tragedy in Batang Kali

The recent landslide tragedy in Batang Kali has gripped the nation, with the whole country mourning
the deaths of all the victims that perished in the incident. Since Friday (16 December 2022),
the search and rescue (SAR) operation has been ongoing nonstop by the SAR team,
including the K9 dog detection unit. God created everything for a purpose. These unsung heroes have been working
relentlessly at the Batang Kali landslide tragedy site for the past 6 days to find the missing victims.
They deserve the respect and love from everyone!

THANK YOU, Blake, Denti, Frankie, Pop, and the others! You are our greatest heroes!!

Donation from president of
Kelab Kucing Malaysia (KKM)

Alhamdulillah, our club has received a total of 60 bags of "PowerCat" today,
donated by the president of Kelab Kucing Malaysia (KKM).
A big thanks to Pak Khalid for helping our campus cats!

All cats must be healthy and get more active after this!

Fur-Riends Awareness Talk

Crowdfund For Cages Needed (Closed)

Alhamdulillah, We appreciate Dr. Hawa Vet's donation of 20 cages to Abu Hurairah Club IIUM
and would like to convey our sincere gratitude to her and their teams. Also, thanks to everyone who has contributed,
even the smallest amount possible, to the Abu Hurairah Club IIUM.
All the donations, as well as the given cages, will be put to use for the cats we save and rescue.

As a result, we will end this donation, and we would like to thank everyone very much.

Crowdfund For Cages Needed

Paw-er Charity Run 2022

The Abu Hurairah Club welcomes everyone to participate in the FIRST ever run we are organizing!

Here are some details to enlighten you regarding this program:

📆: 24th December 2022, Saturday
📍: IIUM GOMBAK, Parking space behind KOE
🕰️: 7.30 a.m - 11.30 a.m

Registration Fee Prices 💵 (inclusive of a shirt of your choice and a medal)

AHC Kitty Kindness End-Year Program

Waqaf A Spare Car or Van

Abu Hurairah Club (IIUM) is appealing to individuals concerned to assist our club by waqaf a spare car or van. We need transportation almost daily to take sick cats to the veterinarian, and we can't do it without your help! Daily, dozens of people contact us via social media to report sick cats. Unfortunately, we cannot get the ill cats to the vet right now because of a lack of transportation.
See our poster for our contact information if you'd like to lend a hand.

Flash Donation!

Our shelter cat Bittu was hit by a car this morning. It was a hit-and-run case.
He was rushed to the emergency just now, bleeding from his nose and mouth.

Adopt A Friend

"Saving one pet won't change the world, but for that one pet, their world will change forever."

Donations Needed For Our Felines

To make donations, you may donate to:

5622 0965 6727 (AHC IIUM GOMBAK)

🏷️Reference: AHC GOMBAK

New Members Recruitment


Abu Hurairah Club is thrilled to invite you to be part of our family!

Come and join us in giving a new world for our lovely animals. This recruitment is open to ALL undergraduate students

A Day With A Cat TikTok Competition

Homam Needs Your Help!
(Donation Closed)

HOMAM is one of the rescued cats by AHC advisor; Madam Zarinah. Unfortunately, Homam has been diagnosed with SPORO after we bring him to the vet. And, Alhamdulillah Homam is getting better after the treatment but we don’t have enough funds to pay the medication bills and treatment cost. We would greatly appreciate if you could assist us in raising funds for him.🥺

You can donate to:

5622 0965 6727 (Maybank Berhad)
(Persatuan Kebajikan Haiwan Abu Hurairah)
Reference: AHC GOMBAK

Happy Eid Mubarak From Us!

May you have an Eid full of joy and smile. Along with your furry friends of course!

_AHC 2122 (2) (3)

Ramadan Mubarak!


Animal Care 101 Tips: Stray Cats in IIUM

Join us on IIUM TV on how to care for your beloved friends! 



You can donate to:

5622 0965 6727 (Maybank Berhad)
(Persatuan Kebajikan Haiwan Abu Hurairah)
Reference: AHC GOMBAK


What can you do in order to keep your pets safe during this unfortunate event?

COMFY Zzz Project

Our furry friends also deserve a comfortable place to sleep 💤💤


Join our crowdfunding to control the population of cats on campus!


What?! Animals can also be depressed? Join the workshop to know more!


Join the talk to discover your pets’ 🍀Healing power🍀 on your mental health!

Hey, It's World Animal Day!

World Animal Day is celebrated on 4th October worldwide 🌏





Help The Animals In Need In Turkiye

Help The Animals In Need In Turkiye

We take care the sick and injured cats, sending them to clinic for a better life.

We provide the correct ways and methods on how to take care of cats and kittens.

We open for adoption finding the perfect home for our rescued cat.

Successful Stories

Sick and injured cats were brought to Veterinary Clinic. We take care them by providing comfortable and secure health care until they healthy and beautiful again.



September 2018, An AHC mainboard found an abandoned kitten without mother, with severe flu. Later, adopted by a student at the end of the semester. 



Mahallah Nusaibah

October 2018, AHC mainboards received a report by a student, found an abandoned cat without mother. The cat has been brought to Klinik Veterinar Maya, but not warded in the first place. But later warded for vaccination.


Kulliyyah ict

Semester 1 2018/2019, Madam Zarinah found a cat with wounds on his body and was suspected having Sporotrichosis (Fungal Disease) at the skins of the cat. The cat has been brought to Klinik Veterinar Maya, warded for a month or two. He was under the care of one AHC member for one semester while waiting to be adopted. 

Interested in sponsoring or donating to our lovely cats?

Every penny donated will be used carefully and we will be updating our tasks on social media and blog, as it is the output of the donation.